We provide you with the best dispatch


The TAXI DRIVER 777 app is designed for TAXI drivers with or without a taximeter. Interesting rates, flexible and the cheapest shipping rates. Registration in the system without visiting the office. Payment from the customer in cash or to your payment terminal. Discretion and fair dealing are a matter of course.

Information for drivers


Age over 21, presence of a trade license or concluded employment relationship - taxi driver (concessionaire agreement), group B driving license, own personal vehicle registered with the authorized body as a taxi vehicle, taxi driver's license for the right to work in a taxi service (yellow card with photo).

“If you decide to try our control room, carefully read all the information on this site. If you do not know how to deal with something, we will be happy to help you during business hours Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 15:00. Phone: +420 607 514 296.

To simplify our cooperation, we have prepared the following basic instructions

We do not allow, that is, we prohibit:

Unreasonable telephone calls to the dispatch service (order cancellation, callback due to low or no credit, etc.) Be rude or vulgar. Another person in the car while transporting a client. Driving a car in unsatisfactory technical condition, without the necessary documents and mandatory equipment.

Any changes:

In the event of a change of vehicle or phone number, please contact us so that changes can be made to the system.

Gross violations of mutual cooperation and subsequent blocking in the system

In the case of confirmation of the order and its subsequent termination, that is, the driver did not go anywhere.


If you do not like the order or it does not suit you, then you always have the opportunity to refuse it.

By downloading the application, filling out and submitting the questionnaire, you confirm your binding agreement with the terms of the agreement on mediation of information services.

( <<< View the agreement on the mediation of information services. >>> )


A driver who has a registered car without a taximeter is also required to issue a receipt for the client. We have prepared for you a sample contract (including a check), which you can download and print here.

Download PDF file...

We rent taxi cars equipped with a taximeter. Additional information can be obtained by calling (+420) 607514296.

What do we offer

We offer you the very best

The cheapest rates for dispatching services. Friendly and honest relations at the partner level. Before accepting or selecting an order, you have a complete picture of where from and where to the customer is going and at what price. We do not say that we are the best, but we try to do our job honestly and well...


Payment from customers only in cash or to your payment terminal.

100% privacy

The trip data and your personal data are never passed on to third parties.


Connection to the ONLINE system without the need to visit the office.


Flexible rates for dispatching services

As the only dispatch center in the Czech Republic, we have several options to choose from. Here is a small example of what you can choose in the application and activate according to what you like.


The standard application setting is 20% of the order value. This setting can be easily changed in the application. Can't view pre-orders.


In the application, anyone can activate an unlimited plan and thereby disable the percentage deductions from the order for the selected period - 17 hours for 280 CZK. There is no way to view pre-orders.

Monthly fee

The monthly flat rate can only be activated and deactivated by phone or in the office. When you activate the monthly flat rate, you can view and select pre-orders.

Download TAXI DRIVER 777

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Download the TAXI DRIVER 777 mobile app and keep everything important close at hand. Simple controls, complete overview of your trips.
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